Engaging experiences that drive long-term outcomes

Expert Coaching

...Scheduled and on-demand
support via video calls and
secure messaging

Easy self-monitoring

Wireless tracking of activity,
glucose, BP, etc.

Convenient and engaging patient education

...standards compliant curriculum
for each condition

Peer support

...for patients and caregivers

Patient-centered behavior change

...Proven tools for goals and habits

"Concierge" food guidance

...Just snap pictures; no
more tedious logging

Tools that amplify provider effectiveness

Evidence-based programs for complex chronic conditions

Diabetes Prevention and Type 2 Diabetes.

Accredited/recognized diabetes education and prevention programs can now reach people unable or unwilling to visit the clinic. More patients are helped, and programs increase revenue.

Gestational Diabetes.

Also offered by accredited diabetes education centers, this program provides education and support in a manner that works for younger patients. Available Q4 2015.

Cardiovascular Health.

The HealthSlate platform can be used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events through lifestyle changes, medications adherence and remote coaching. Inquire about opportunities related to cardiovascular health.