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HealthSlate Announces Accreditation and Outcomes for Digital Diabetes Education Program

Glucose Reductions Equal To In-Person Programs, Allowing Expanded Access Without Compromising Quality

December 19, 2106

BELLEVUE, WA – HealthSlate LLC, a leading provider of digital health solutions for healthcare providers and payers, today announced it has received accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) for the HealthSlate Digital Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program. HealthSlate also announced that in pilots and trials with multiple clinical partners of the program, including CHI Franciscan and Cascade Health Solutions, patients’ hemoglobin A1C decreased by an average of 1.1%, which compares with a national average improvement of 0.7% from in-person DSME programs1.

DSME has been repeatedly proven to lower total healthcare costs of both Medicare and commercially insured people with diabetes.2 However, many patients cannot or will not attend DSME programs delivered in person at a clinic or hospital. Average attendance within the first year after diagnosis with diabetes is only 6.8% for those in commercial plans and 4% in Medicare.3 4 By making it possible to participate in a DSME program at the time and location of their choosing, HealthSlate Digital DSME makes it easier for millions of people with diabetes to receive the education and support they need without compromising on program quality or health improvement gains. HealthSlate Digital DSME can be delivered on a turnkey basis by HealthSlate or by accredited diabetes education centers using HealthSlate’s technology platform and digital curriculum.

“We would like to thank the many diabetes education programs throughout the country who helped us adapt the evidence based model for diabetes education and support to a digital delivery format,” said Dan Sheeran, HealthSlate CEO. “We look forward to now helping many of those programs expand the reach of their programs to serve people who prefer or need an online program.”

“HealthSlate is an excellent option for people with diabetes to get the education they need to self-manage their disease,” said Catherine “Katie” Farrell, RD, CDE, Program Manager, Diabetes Services, CHI Franciscan. “The improvement in A1c, is similar to traditional in person diabetes education and provides another way for people to access the education they need.”

HealthSlate already provides a digital diabetes prevention program (DPP) with Pending Recognition from the CDC. With accreditation for its digital DSME program, HealthSlate is now the only digital provider of both an accredited diabetes education program and a CDC-Pending Recognition diabetes prevention program (DPP). Health systems and health plans can now use a single, evidence-based and proven digital platform to manage both their prediabetes and diabetes populations.

The HealthSlate Digital DSME Program includes:

  • A mobile version of the AADE7 curriculum that works for all literacy levels by using short narrated animations. The curriculum is delivered as a 12-week online course.
  • User-friendly and low literacy tools and games for remembering to take medications, learning carb counting, and meal logging.
  • Logging glucose test results in the HealthSlate app and automated uploads from wireless glucometers.
  • A Fitbit tracker integrated with the app.
  • A support group of other people in the program, who share low carb food ideas, physical activity progress, and encouragement.
  • Tools for diabetes educators to provide on-going support to patients, and to report patient progress to providers and payers.

About HealthSlate LLC

HealthSlate provides mobile health services that enable highly individualized programs of education, behavior modification and clinical support. This model enables people who have or are at risk for chronic illness to receive care and support that is truly patient-centered while reducing costs to providers and payers. The company's diabetes prevention, education and management products are in use at more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in the U.S. The management team enjoys deep experience and proven success creating consumer experiences that drive long term engagement and health outcomes. HealthSlate is based in Bellevue, WA. For more information, please visit

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